Kara- Le Salon des Joailliers Createurs: Prestige Exhibition for Recognition and Welcome some of the world's best creative jewelry designers, in the heart of Paris. This is a response to public demand, mirroring the trend in precious jewelry for unique, custom-made, exclusive designs.
Anita, I will make every effort to get to Paris that weekend. I would love to see the show! I get such lovely compliments all the time on the jewelry that you made for me. D.Marie-London, consult - US consulate
GIA-New York
Dear Anita, Thank you for sharing the news about these wonderful jewels that you have recently created. The incredible talent of you and your team really comes through in the design and craftsmanship of these pieces. Congratulations on executing such fine work! In case you plan to attend the Tucson gem show this February, I would be pleased to meet you there.B.L GIA-New York
Hi Anita, I get such lovely compliments here on the few pieces of jewelry that I brought with me to Iraq, particularly the star sapphire. I keep intending to write to you and thank you again for such a wonderful job you did on my jewelry. I hope to see you soon. My best wishes to your family. Ms. MCD – US State Dpt, IRAQ
The picture is in good qualities, but your design is simply magnificent!! V.Lecetre Kara
Joanne & Maxime
It's been a while, I hope that you're doing well. We just wanted to send you a big thank you again for making our wedding rings. They are amazing!!! We are very happy with them. Finally, the size is just fine. I think that it was just the day that we got them that we both had the swollen hand because ever since they are fine. During the wedding, everyone was enchanted with my rings (especially the ladies) wanted to know where we got them. It's true that they look just perfect together. I still catch myself admiring them on my hand. I wore the neckless the bracelet with my wedding dress. It was a lovely gift we thank you so much. It looked very nice I got a lot of compliments for it. It's very unusual for that type of jewlery in Sweden so most of our Swedish guest were intriged with them. I have attached some photos for you to see.All the best to you your family. Hope to see you soon! Love
I met you in Paris in November and I bought two rings I like them very very much. You told me you will send to me ideas for earrings with clips. Something else, for a friend, I should like to know prices of your rings of the forever collection. And can you tell me when and where you will be in Paris in May. Best regards 
Susanne S-Chicago
Yes, I did receive the notice and went to the post office to pick up on Friday. It is so beautiful - thank you so much for your assistance. Suzanne S.
Fashion Avenue
Hi Anita, Sorry for the delay. I received your samples and they are magnificent. You have excelled your skills in designing such mesmerizing piece of jewelry.Thanks.Best regards, CK R.President & CEO
Claude L-Paris
It was a real pleasure for me to discover you. It was absolutely delighted to meet you. I hope we shall have others great moment as this was. I am enjoying the ring so much, you cannot imagine. Each of my friends, I met since I bought it, wants to put it on. She has a great success. So thank you so much. Have nice and successful trips all around the world. Best regards Claude L
Dear Anita, Thank you for the message. Yes, were received your beautiful ring last night and are thrilled and honored to have one of your pieces in our collection. Thank you again for your support and I'll be in touch again soon. GIA
Ariko T- Tokyo
To Whom It May Concern, I have known and discovered Anita Mai Tan since 2002. She is a wonderful and very talented designer. She is not only "A Bird in flight" but " An Angel in our heart".Her design is marvelous exceptional. She works with her heart and deserves all the success in her career.She did not hesitate to spend many hours designing for us and our friends in Japan.She helps us in the choice of our gemstones, did not hesitate to guide us on how to appreciate those wonderful pieces of nature with the skillful heart of "An Angel".We went to many famous pieces of jewelry (from Tiffany's to Cartier) in Japan, the US, Europe during our various trips and we have shown the jewelry created by her. All have the same comment: Wonderful work, Exceptional rapport Price versus Quality.We just want to say: Bravo Anita Many Thanks. Ariko.T-Tokyo
Dear Anita, Linda and I would like to thank you so much for the custom engagement ring and wedding band you design for us. Not only did you meet and exceed our expectations, our friends and family are absolutely fascinated by its spectacular beauty! Comments include the words - stunning extravagant, astonishing, dazzling and bling bling! We are so privileged to have met you and work with you on our new family heirloom. Linda is honored to wear such a wonderful piece that is a true extension of your heart and beautiful character. We are so grateful for your artistic talents, imagination, and creative spirit. Your attention to every detail during the entire process gave us peace of mind and the assurance that our wishes would be met and exceeded! What makes this ring so special was how you incorporated diamonds from our family into your design. The ring is a piece that will be cherished by our families forever! It is also special to know that our ring is one of a kind and is the only one in the world! Thank you for taking on our project and sharing your incredible talents with us. It was a pleasure to work with you and forever, you will be in our heart.Sincerely, Dereck Z.G MBMus, MMus
M.D-US Consulate
1. To Whom It May Concern, I would like to strongly recommend the services of Ms. Anita Tan, who has provided jewelry sales service and design to me during my time in Ho Chi Minh City. For the last two years, she has been very helpful in selecting, designing, and creating a wide verity of pieces, including several for family members and friends outside of Vietnam. Anita was very accommodating willing to come to my house to show me her stock and worked with me to create individual, original jewelry designs. She was very informative about the chemical to make up and care of individual stones. She was very willing to change settings, wrap stones, re-size rings, or adjust individual pieces to suit the taste of the purchaser.I have very much enjoyed working with her and can heartily recommend her services to anyone interested in purchased unique jewelry. Sincerely, M.D
Emma A-Chicago
To Whom It May Concern, I am writing this letter as a testimonial to Anita Tan's creativity and professionalism in her capacity as a jewelry designer. I have to know Anita now for over a year and have purchased many beautiful pieces of jewelry from her. She has a wonderful talent for creating lovely works of art, often taking every basic idea, such as the desire for a topaz stone or an amethyst and turning it into a unique creation. I have also trusted her judgment to recast some old pieces of my own, including my mother's blue sapphire engagement ring. She is always honest in her assessment of the quality of the stone and ensuring that the customer is not tricked. For example, she found some blue star sapphire in the local market to complete this set for me; however, she also discovered that they were fake and let me know before any monetary commitments were made, thereby protecting my jewelry's value and gaining my respect as a reputable dealer.I highly recommend Anita Tan to anyone who is interested in designing jewelry or in purchasing items from her. She is friendly, honest, creative and always willing to meet with customers about new designs. I wish her all the best in her future endeavors.Emma.A, US Consult
G.M Mitsukoshi
Dear Ms. Anita Tan, We would like to express our great appreciation for your excellent cooperation with out team.Our customers have given very good feedback. We hope that you will continue to cooperate with us in the future including to prepare for the line of our VIP offer. Sincerely Yours, M.H -General Manager Mitsukoshi Ltd 
Tara Mc.-Calgary
Hi Anita, I wanted to write to you and say thank you so much for this amazingly beautiful ring! It is so special, and such reflection of the love between C. and I. I can not begin to understand all the unique and intricate detail that went into the design, but I do very much appreciate your amazing work...It is truly stunning. I cannot stop looking down at my hand...:) Thank you