Algems pioneer a modern blended design of European style and Asian touch, a genuine taste of tradition combining with innovative approach. Celebrated Jewelry Designer, Anita Mai TAN, created exclusive pieces of jewelry for the World Royalty and billionaires for a number of years. Each of her creations were inspired by poetry and nature, and took many months to make. Each gemstone and diamond is custom design. They are hand crafted and cut by World Master which make them Unique.

Up Coming Launching

Up Coming Launching
Anita’s upcoming Cigar Box has taken 2 years with thousands of hours invested in the project. Her masterpiece is expected to sell for over 1.5 Mil USD. The Center Piece is a 2000 years old White Jade Dragon. It will sit on 1188 bed of 396 colored diamonds & gemstones, and 396 White diamonds for a total of 1368 ct. All the diamonds & gemstones will originate mostly from Africa. The design will integrate and promote the African culture. The majority of the profit will be dedicated to support projects supporting youth from low income families so they can remain longer at school and stay out of the street.
Unique Design
A unique gemstone cutting, enhancing with unusual setting and assortment of fascinating rainbow color. It's just for one simple purpose: To epitomize the self-confidence in its beauty than ever.  We capture your dream, cogitating and execute the jewelry of your dreams. Custom designed jewelry is our passion. Our core interest is your satisfaction with the final result.