Endless Happiness Pen
The solid 18 K pink gold model for ladies, as a fusion of East meets West Work of Art, will be enhanced with a clip gathering: - The Blossom Apricot Mai flower encrusted with diamonds: the symbol of Forever Happiness & Prosperity - The Paramite cut melees shaped rubies moving up and down and - A ruby with diamonds heart: the symbol of love. Loves Flows from the top of the cap like the river, nourishing the diamond Blossom Apricot Mai Flower symbol of the Prosperity and Forever Happiness, With the Paramite shaped melees rubies in the center moving back & forth between the Ruby Diamonds Heart& the Apricot Mai Sakura diamonds Flower. The top and low end of the pen is encrusted with diamonds. The Body supported by a branch with subtle rubies and diamonds: The Endless Happiness
The Pen is the Fruit of many hundreds of hours of creation works spent by Anita and Stephane. It is believed to be among the First Precious Pen ever created just for the Women by a Woman. Previous Women-Precious Pen was mainly based on the model of the Men Precious Pen. Maitre David , winner of the Prize as “ One of the Best Master of France – Le Meilleur Ouvrier de France and the 2004 Grand Prize of the Creativity by the City of Paris – Metiers D’art” , has personally set the “ Endless Happiness” pen with 126 pieces of diamonds and precious gemstones ( rubies and sapphires ). Stephane produces precious pens sold through World Renown Brands at hundreds of thousands of euros per pen since many years. His seal is affixed on Anita’s Endless Happiness Solid Gold Pen
Dragon Power

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All Diamond- Endless Happiness
All Diamond- Endless Happiness
Limited Edition Phone case
After spending over 16 months working on them, Anita Mai TAN from Al-gems.com has released her new Dragon and Spider phone case to be worn as a necklace. Poetry and Nature are her muses. The intention and meaning behind each phone case are as brilliant as its design. Her creativity and fusion of design elements, whether diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emerald, tsavorite, and more are so delicately crafted they deliver the elegance expected from an Anita Mai Tan piece. After releasing her million dollar pen in 2010; Anita Mai TAN has just revealed her double $ 880,000 phone case.
The Dragon
In the year of the Dragon, the beautifully crafted Dragon Phone case made in 18K gold set with an array of 2200 colorless and color diamonds (cognac, brown, champagne) for a total weight of 32 cts. She uses a subtle combination of number: 22 which means “easy”, 32 means “born easy” or “born lucky” and their combination becomes “9”. As we both know: the qualities of the number 9 are those of leadership, the ability to see, integration, the three worlds – physical, intellectual, spiritual. The dragon is the symbol of Growth, the Universe, life and existence
The Spider
The Spider is the symbol of Hard Work, Unity and Creativity. The case is in 18K gold set with an array of 2,800 colorless and black diamonds for a total weight of 38 cts: 28 which means “easy gaining wealth” and 38 “born property”.

Wine Decanter

Anita Mai TAN is a passionate observer of beauty throughout the world, always hunting for rare, unique gemstones and diamonds. Now, after spending two years after her creation of the Million Dollar pen & iPhone cases, she has created a new collection of the World Eclectic Algems Decanter Collection. Eclectic for the inspiration of the design and the perfection of the Marriage of the diamonds, gemstones, rigorous craftsmanship, and Passion! First of all, why Decanter: Decanter allows separating sediment so we can obtain the clear liquid. Decanter also helps to allow the wine to “breathe” and to smooth some of the harsher aspects of the Wine. Anita hopes that her initiative of creating Eclectic Wine Decanter Collection will express her Wish to contribute to making the World a better place to live and to “breathe.”

Dragon Eclectic Wine Decanter

The decanter is A Dragon Embracing the Wine Decanter. Dragon is the Messenger of Balance. Magic, Strength, and Courage. It associates with Longevity, wisdom, super natural power, and Benevolence. The Dragon made of around 2000grms of 18 K gold. It encrusts from the Head to the tail of 3800 “IF” “D color” diamonds and gemstones for a total of 72 carats.

Horse Eclectic Wine Decanter

The decanter is A horse embracing the wine Decanter. The horse is serving man in the war for one of the largest contributors to the enhancement of civilization. It made of 398 grams of 18 K white gold. He embraces a pure 38cts of blue cabochon sapphire. His head is encrusted with 720 of 9cts flawless “D color” diamonds and 398 fancy cut 7.20cts sapphires.