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on: 10 March 2013

The blending of precious purple Sapphire with Tanzanite and Rubilitte and a touch of Diamond, which express through light, purity and color, embraces and defines the true desire piece

It is almost the color of Queens Amethyst but it is Tanzanite, a very light purple but higher glister. To enhance the contrast and complement the color scheme, bring along the deeper and stronger purple of Sapphire, deep red of Ruby and of course, the bright green Tsavorite has to join the family of color. This ring is for Our love can only grow

Tanzanite - Ocean Love

in Glamour
on: 17 January 2011

A very fine cut of 25 carats Tanzanite with light blue as the center of the flower, with fair touch of  violet Amthyst and Diamond petals. This ring is for the Ocean of Love

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