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Unexpected refreshing of flowers, playful and joyful of color, combination different shade of pink and purple sapphire, Tsavorite and Diamond, together with soft curves, that brings us the Garden of Love on you hand

28 Carats of very fine pink Tourmaline as center piece, delightful with  hundred of chocolate color and colorless diamonds set in a micro pavé. This ring is our Subtle Beauty of Enternal Love

Over 48 carats deep pink  Rubelitte cabochon, set with yellow Sapphire, Tsavorite and Diamond. A fanttasy of colors create unique forms and unusual color combinations in a mix that bridges together a fussion design of unbreakable love


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Unique piece fine green Beryl with pink Sapphire and Diamond. You are the Unique foundation of our love!

The center flower set with rich golden South Sea pearl and sliver white south Sea pearl. Petal are set with fancy color Sapphire and Diamond, blandisment with two rich orange Spessatire. 

The unsual combination between pale blue Tanzanite with pinkest orrange Tourmaline and soft pink sapphire. Enjoy the color and contrast because life is so colorful and having them along with us.

Three perfect  eye clean sapphire , vivid and intense color  pink, blue and yellow. Set in 18K white gold with pavé diamond and Tsavorite. This ring is celebrate the Joy of Life


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The combination between deep marquise Amethyst and marquise Emerald create wave of color in between layers of loving pink Sapphire. That is the way to celebrate our smoth flow of Happiness life.  

It's over 23 Carats of very rich pink rubellite, the queens of pink family. Surrounding with fancy color sapphire, Tsavorite and Diamond. To celebrate the birthday of us as One Couple

Emerald cut Chrome green Tourmaline and Aquamarine as our main gemstones. Surrounding with pink Sapphire and diamond.  

Center with pink Tourmaline and compliment also with two richer pink Rubelitte on the site and be striking on diamonds layer. The whole ring bring joy and proud for: My engagement ring for you as my forver wife and Love

A 28 carats freeform cut of very fine green Tourmaline,  sets together with pavé Diamond and deeper green Tsavorite. This is the celebration of the enternity success of our family

Over 35 carats very fine cut Chrome greem Tourmaline. Surrounding by pavé diamond and Tsavorite. The Eternity foundation of our love

Combination of 4 distinction color gemstone -Pink and green Tourmaline, yellow Beryl, and blue Tanzanite. Each gemstone has their onw layer and cover by pavé Diamond along the gemstone. This is our Mirror of Happiness

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