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The blending of many incredible precious elements when it comes to reflex the success for women. 

Each personaltiy is beautiful in its uniqueness and  each piece of jewelry to reveal itself as the most ambitious union of beauty and balance. Our creations are apprehending those who can bravely make a statement, orginal, worthy for the extraordinary success.

Creativity is a motion, diversion,  revolt and it has become an integral part of our life. It's a dream, a message and a statement for us to fulfill.

A Horse embracing the Wine Decanter is the symbol of mobility, producticity, agriculture, development of all kinds. As animal, The Horse is by far one of the largest contributor to enhancement of civilization. 


4 items

The Anita’s Endless Happiness Pen (Ladies):

18K Lemon gold setting with colorless Diamond, the mixture of Art work between Brown, Cognac and Champagne Diamond 

18K White gold with 2 rows of Diamond embracing along the phone

18K White gold with over thousand of colorless and Cognac Diamond 


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Limited Edition: Premier

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Life is Love, Love is Art & Art is Love