Heaven & Earth pen Heaven & Earth pen

The Anita’s Endless Happiness Pen (Ladies):

The solid 18 K pink gold model for ladies , as a fusion of East meet West Work of Art, will be enhanced with a clip gathering 

-     The Blossom Apricot Mai flower encrusted with diamonds: the symbol of   Forever   Happiness & Prosperity

-        The Paramite cut melees shaped rubies moving up and down and

-        A ruby with diamonds heart: the symbol of love,  

For Anita: Loves Flows from the top of the cap like the river, nourishing the diamond Blossom Apricot Mai Flower symbol of the Prosperity and Forever Happiness, With the Paramite shaped melees rubies in the centre moving back & forth between  the Ruby Diamonds Heart& the Apricot Mai Sakura diamonds Flower. The top and low end of the pen is encrusted with diamonds. The Body is supported by a branch with subtle rubies and diamonds: The Endless Happiness 

The Pen is the Fruit of many hundreds hours of creation  works spent by Anita and Stephane. It is believed to be among the First Precious Pen ever created just for the Women by a Woman. Previous Women Precious Pen were mainly based on the model of the Men Precious Pen.

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